Economy 2022

An in focus view of the year ahead

The global health crisis has fogged the economic outlook since 2020. In 2022, the path forward will come into sharper focus driven by several recent trends: increased household savings, supply chain disruption and the growth of spending on goods vs. services, digital everything, and ongoing pandemic and climate change risks.

In the Mastercard Economics Institute's annual report, learn:

  • how the shift from consumer savings to consumer spending could impact global GDP
  • why there's a shift in spending between goods and services and its impact on supply chains and prices
  • how e-commerce continues to change consumer habits
  • the type of flying driving travel recovery
  • the risks that could influence economic recovery

Download the global economic outlook report, Economy 2022, to learn how the global economy could evolve in 2022 against the backdrop of consumer and business trends and ongoing risks.

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