New Copenhagen office demonstrates Mastercard's stronger Nordic footprint

Mastercard is relocating close to 200 employees in Denmark to a new setting in Ørestad, Copenhagen, where they will focus on technology and innovation as well as the operation and development of paymentsolutions. The ambition is to develop existing and new solutions to the Nordics and beyond.

Mastercard has significantly strengthened its presence in the Nordics. The acquisition of Mastercard Payment Services last year added a modern service-based architecture for real-time payments, strong account-to-account capabilities, extensive bill payment knowledge and a strong customer base.

It also added more highly skilled employees in Denmark and Norway and the teams based in Copenhagen, Denmark will now, together with the existing card business in Denmark, move to new facilities in Ørestad. About 200 employees will move to the new office close to the city center and the airport of Copenhagen.

"There is international attention aimed at the Nordic region as a digital frontrunner, and with the skilled employees, experiences and services that are part of Mastercard, our new Copenhagen office is well positioned to play an important role when it comes to technology and innovation," says Erik Gutwasser, Division President, Nordics and Baltics at Mastercard:

"The payment solutions of the future are digital and whether we are talking about payment infrastructure, applications or services, Denmark and the other Nordic countries are a very good starting point for innovation. Here, new solutions can also have global potential."

In November of last year, the fintech company Aiia, comprising 80 employees, also became part of Mastercard, and they will for now continue to be based at the existing office in Copenhagen.

The hunt for IT and finance talent is intensifying
As a global technology company in the field of payment solutions, Mastercard's focus over the past years has expanded from card payments to a multi-rail strategy with many different payment solutions. This focus underpins the rationale behind the recent investments in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region.

The new office in Ørestad brings together software- and java developers, programmers, UX project managers, sales and customer service, and many other highly skilled employees. The ambition is to accelerate development and recruit more talented employees with competencies within technology and innovation.

"We want to develop existing services and develop new solutions for Denmark, the Nordic region and beyond. Ørestad can become an international powerhouse, where our ambition is to offer the most exciting job opportunities in payment and technology in a global company with a strong brand and a solid local presence," says CEO Lars Asger Petersen of Mastercard Payment Services Denmark.

Karin Strand
Director of Communications, Mastercard
+46 72 143 8615


Mastercard in Ørestad
The new office for Mastercard in Denmark is located in Copenhagen, in the heart of the Oresund region, at Arne Jacobsens Allé 13, 2300 Copenhagen S.  It is an existing building where the interior has been updated and redesigned with a focus on technology, flexibility, and collaboration. The office is close to Ørestad Station and just under 10 min. to the city center and 5 min. from the airp



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