​Cancelling payment claims

​Once an order of payment claims has been sent to Mastercard Payment Services, the payee has the option of cancelling the entire order
or individual payments within it.

Cancelling payment claims can be done by sending a file containing a cancellation request. Such a request must be received by 14:00 the day before the payment due date.

If the payee wishes to amend a payment claim (amount, due date, etc.), the original payment claim must be cancelled and a new payment claim submitted. The new payment claim must keep to the AvtaleGiro deadlines like any other payment claim.

Receipt of cancellation requests that could not be processed and forwarded to the payer’s bank will be documented on receipt list L00202 (see receipt lists) and sent to the list recipient stated on the AvtaleGiro registration form.

If the payer’s bank does not have a record of the payment claim to be cancelled, it will not be able to perform the cancellation. This may happen in cases where the payer has already cancelled the payment claim, or in cases where a file containing the payment claims and cancellations is sent on the same day. Mastercard Payment Services therefore recommends that files with cancellations are sent one or two days after the file containing payment claims has been sent to ensure that the cancellation is successful.

This page describes the specifications for the order type for AvtaleGiro payment claim cancellations (in the diagram below, the “order with AvtaleGiro payment claim cancellations” section).

Example payment claim file structure:

Cancellation orders are very similar to the original payment claims which they cancel. If payment claim functionality has already been implemented, it may be best to use the same code, with minor tweaks, to generate the cancellation files as well. For this reason, we will first outline the key differences between the two, and later will provide complete specifications for cancellations.

Start record:

  • ​The only difference between the start record of an AvtaleGiro payment claim order and cancellation order is the order type. For cancellations, it should be 36.

Cancellation record:

  • An AvtaleGiro payment claim record and a cancellation record have different transaction types. For cancellations, it should be 93.
  • Cancellations do not require “line 2” of records as claims do.
  • Cancellations do not need to include the “free text” records of the respective claims.
  • Note: the transaction number of a cancellation is not required to match the transaction number on the respective claim.

End record:

  • The only difference between the start record of an AvtaleGiro payment claim order and cancellation order is the order type. For cancellations, it should be 36.
  • ​The number of transactions should be the number of cancellations in the order.
  • The total amount should be the total amount of claims being cancelled.
  • The first and last due date fields apply to the earliest and latest due date of claims being cancelled.

Following are the format descriptions related to the “order with AvtaleGiro payment claim cancellations”.

Start record for payment claim cancellations

Cancellation record

End record for cancellations


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