​There are several roles involved in the processing of AvtaleGiro data.

​Data sender

The data sender is the party responsible for sending AvtaleGiro payment claims to Mastercard Payment Services on behalf of the payee. The data sender function is often performed by enterprise resource planning (ERP) / accounting software which is used by the payee. In this case, the data is sent via SFTP file transfer.

Data receiver

Data receivers are responsible for receiving AvtaleGiro payment mandates and/or payment reconciliation data. There can be one data receiver which handles both types of data, or there can be multiple receivers which handle one or both types of data.

List receiver

There are several lists which provide information related to AvtaleGiro. For detailed descriptions of these lists, please see the receip​t lists​​ section.

The receivers for these lists must be specified in the payee's service agreement.


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