​Notification to payers of upcoming payment

​Unless otherwise explicitly declined by the payer on the AvtaleGiro payment mandate, the payer must be notified of pending payments. For payers who wish to receive notifications, the payee can choose to perform the notification themselves or for the payer’s bank to do it on their behalf.


Note on AvtaleGiro/eFaktura used in combination

If a payer is also enrolled to eFaktura the payer should receive the eFaktura as notification independent of the notification setting for the AvtaleGiro mandate.

Payee-notified payments

Notification can be made by eFaktura invoice, SMS, e-mail, or regular post. A payment slip should not be included in any notification, as the payer could pay the bill manually, resulting in duplicate payment. The notification should clearly convey that the amount will be automatically paid via AvtaleGiro on the due date.

If the payee is meant to notify the payer and fails to do so by the notification deadline, the payment may be reversed.

Payment notifications must contain at least:

  • ​the name of the payee
  • the payment amount
  • what the payment is for
  • due date

Bank-notified payments

When the payer’s bank provides notification, the message may also contain details in the form of free text from the payee. It is possible to send 42 lines of text with 80 characters per line. See free text records for details on how to specify such text.

If a claim marked “bank notification” is sent and the payer has opted out of notifications according to the payer’s mandate, the bank will not send a notification. If the payee has any critical information that needs to be conveyed to the payer, this must be sent directly from the payee to the payer.

Consolidated notifications

For payers with fixed recurring payment amounts, a consolidated notification may be sent for all payments occurring within the next 12 months.

It must be clear within the notification that it serves as a consolidated notification of multiple future payments.

If the payment amount changes after a consolidated notification has been sent, the payer must be notified again.

Consolidated notifications may be sent directly from payee to payer, or it can be done via the payer’s bank by using free text records.

When sending a payment claim which was included in an earlier consolidated notification, the claim can be sent as “transaction type 02” (no notification from the bank).

4-week notification to prevent the payer’s option for payment reversal

Payers can request to have a payment reversed for a completed AvtaleGiro transaction if
they can prove that the amount exceeded what they could have reasonably expected. The payee can deny this right by sending payment notification to the payer at least four weeks before the due date. For the denial of payer’s right for reversal, this notification must be sent regardless of the payer’s choice regarding notification.​


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