E-Agreement is a service that can be used by the Payee who offers AvtaleGiro and/or eFaktura. The Payee can forward the Payer, with all relevant information, to the E-Agreement solution where the Payer can enter into an AvtaleGiro agreement, an eFaktura agreement, or both. The Payer must authenticate with BankID. For AvtaleGiro, the agreement is between the Payer and Payer's bank.

In order for the Payee be able to offer Payer the ability to make an agreement, the Payee must send the Payer to the E-Agreement application with information about both parties. This is done by submitting an HTTP POST request with the relevant data included in the body of the request. The information sent to the application must be unique per Payer/Payee agreement. The Payer must therefore be identified and the correct information obtained from the accounting system of the Payee.

The Payee may offer the solution within the Payer's "My Site" or after registering as a new customer so that the relevant information can be fetched from the Payee's customer database and/or accounting system. The Payee's website provider is best suited to customise web pages for this.

The basic flow of the agreement creation process:



  1. The end user is identified in the Payee’s website, either through login or as a part of a purchase process
  2. On the Payee's website, the Payer chooses to set up AvtaleGiro, eFaktura, or both, which generates a POST request to Mastercard Payment Services' E-Agreement solution.
  3. The Payer is sent to Mastercard Payment Services' ​ E-Agreement application.
  4. The Payer authenticates with E-Ident / BankID.
  5. The Payer reviews the information related to the agreement(s), may optionally edit some of the information, and then submits the form.
  6. ​For AvtaleGiro, the agreement is forwarded to the bank for confirmation*. For eFaktura, the agreement is created and confirmed immediately.
  7. The Payer is redirected to the "return URL" which was provided by the Payee. A status code is appended to the URL as a GET parameter.​

* Some banks are set up to validate, confirm, and respond to a new AvtaleGiro agreement request in real-time. For users who choose to use an account from one of these banks, there will be confirmation that the agreement was created successfully or an error message and the opportunity to choose a different account.

The following screenshots show the case when both AvtaleGiro and eFaktura agreements are being created.

Payer must authenticate with BankID or BankID for Mobile:


The Payer is identified, and all accounts owned by the user are fetched as options from which the user can select:


The payer receives a confirmation that the agreement request is registered and will be active when it is visible in the online bank.

Mastercard Payment Services disseminates the agreement information to the Payer's bank for confirmation.


The Payee receives a status that informs about the outcome of the process - ok, cancel, or error.


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