​Receipt lists

​The AvtaleGiro system produces receipts in the form of lists, which provide feedback to the payees on the files and orders they send.

Lists are in PDF format by default, but payees can opt to also receive some lists in machine-readable CSV format. While most PDF lists are sent via email, CSV lists are delivered via SFTP or the customer portal. The CSV format allows the payee’s ERP or other system(s) to automatically process and act on the feedback.

Following are descriptions of the receipts generated by AvtaleGiro.

L200 – Rejection notice for file transmissions

Receipt L200 is generated in cases where 1) a file sent by the payee is empty, 2) a file sent by the payee is not in the correct format, or 3) the data sender is unauthorised or invalid. In these cases, the receipt is available immediately in the data sender’s SFTP mailbox.

Example L200:​

L226 – Receipt list for file transmissions

Receipt L226 provides a summary of file transmissions, both successful and rejected. It is available in the data sender’s SFTP mailbox immediately and must be checked for content and status by the data sender. Alternatively, the receipt may be sent via e-mail to payees who send files via online banking.

Validation is performed only on a transmission level before this receipt is generated; even though L226 shows a transmission to be successful, further validations must be undergone before the orders in a file are fully processed and accepted. It is the responsibility of the payee and/or the data sender on behalf of the payee to verify this and other receipts.

If a transmission has been rejected, the reason must be documented and the file re-sent. Alternatively, Mastercard Payment Services’ customer service may be contacted for further clarification.

Example L226:



L00202 – List receipt for rejected orders and transactions – available in CSV format


Receipt L00202 lists rejected orders and transactions, as well as warnings which are not cause for rejection. It will not be produced for transmissions which contain no errors or warnings.

Non-rejected warnings are marked as “INFO” and include, for example, payment claims which exceed the amount limit specified on the payer’s mandate. In these cases, it may be beneficial for the payee to communicate to the payer that the amount limit should be adjusted in the payer’s online bank. If the amount limit is not increased by the payment due date, the payment transaction will be rejected.

Example L00202:


L02603 – List receipt for transaction cancellations – available in CSV format


By submitting cancellation requests, the payee may cancel previously-submitted payment claims which are pending in the payer’s bank register (see cancelling payment claims). Receipt L02603 lists the payee’s payment cancellation requests along with their respective status. All attempted cancellation requests will appear on this list, regardless of the outcome. If a transac-tion has not been cancelled, it may be because the payer has already stopped the payment, or the cancellation request does not match the original payment claim.

Example L02603:



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