Mastercard Connect Nordics​

Mastercard Connect Nordics will replace the old portal from Nets. The migration of applications from Nets Online to Mastercard Connect Nordics will be carried out gradually over the course of 2024.​


During 2024, Mastercard's services, which currently is hosted by Nets Online, will be migrated over to our new portal, Mastercard Connect Nordics.

The various services and applications will be moved in groups through 2024. You will find all services and reports from Mastercard in our new portal when the migration is complete.

In Mastercard Connect Nordics you will be able to manage billing needs, transfer files securely, and manage users'​ access to products according to the bank's requirements.


Two portals in use

As the migration begins, users will need to operate within two portals for a period. Applications will be moved in groups over a period ov several months. Therefore, both Nets Online and Mastercard Connect Nordics will be in use to access services from Mastercard ​until the migration is complete.

On this page, there will be an updated overview of which applikations are available in which portal. 

All applications are scheduled to be moved before the end of 2024.

Applications to move

The following are the applications that will be moved to Mastercard Connect Nordics:

  • Payment Peppol 
  • AvtaleGiro Router 
  • AvtaleGiro Provider 
  • Bank and Customer Register 
  • Direct Remittance 
  • Blankett (form) 
  • Autogiro 
  • eFaktura Self Service 
  • Giroutbetaling 
  • eFaktura Agreement Registration 
  • Transaction history 
  • NICS Online 
  • NICS Real 
  • KAR Online 
  • Pricing and Billing Resource Center (PBRC) 
  • Receipt Lists 
  • Access Manager 
 If you use one or more services not listed here, you will continue to use them in Nets Online also after the migration. 

​​Activ​ating user

All users in banks not using Single Sign-On will receive an email with an invitation to activate their user in Mastercard Connect Nordics. The email is sent out in advance of the move of each customer. The invitation is valid for 4 days.

If you cannot find or have not received the email in time, please contact us at to receive a new invitation.  

Access manager

An important concept in Mastercard Connect Nordics is Access Manager. This is the person at the bank responsible for managing users​ access to services and roles ​in Mastercard Connect Nordics.

As an Access manager, you have the ability to create new users and change access to applications and functionality.


Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to:
with subject: Question regarding portal -  «name of bank» ​​

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