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Mastercard Payment Services will begin migrating file-based services over the internet to our new data center in Norway in 2024. The migration requires changes to be made to the customer's configurations.

The move to a new data center means that it is necessary to change the customer's configuration of the file transfer. All affected users and partners have been informed and contacted about the changes through 2023.

All endpoint changes are scheduled to be completed in 2024.  


Change of IP addresses

The migration requires a change in the IP-address against which the files are exchanged. The new IP address points to Mastercard Payment Services' Norwegian data center.

The change of IP address must be carried out in order for the payment services to be used after migration. User ID will remain the same as today. 

Below you will find the IP addresses that need to be changed:

Old IP address91.102.24.145:22
The IP-adresse185.96.138.21:10026


Moved in groups

All customers will be divided into groups that will be moved gradually through spring 2024. 14 days before the migration date, all customers will receive a separate information letter with the migration schedule.

In the meantime, we ask you to complete the following tasks:

  • Verify that you currently have a connection to the old IP-address via SFTP.
  • Verify that the security key you are using today is RSA-2048. You can read more about security keys here.
  • Decide who will set up the ​new connection for your company.
  • Familiarize yourselves with the necessary steps to set up a new connection in your sFTP client.
  • Ensure that any firewall opening, or other conditions for setting up a new connection, are in place.
  • Send a confirmation to​ with:
    • which file mailboxes you use
    • that you are using the correct security ​key length
    • who is the contact person for the migration in your company​

If the change in the customer's setup is not implemented when migration takes place, the service will cease.

​Customer Migration

Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to:​

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