API - in connection with the move, you must make some technical changes

Updated 23.06.2023

Information regarding Mastercard Payment Services API’s 

In e-mails sent January 30th and February 28th 2023, Mastercard shared information about an upcoming change affecting API’s in products, such as eFaktura, AvtaleGiro, KAR, OCR as well as other services operated and developed by Mastercard Payment Services. 

he abovementioned change (change to existing URL address) will take place during Q2 and Q3 2023. Endpoints will be affected, but functionality and applications remain unchanged. 

Change of URL for eFaktura B2C API was started May 2nd 2023, and together with you, we are well underway with migrating customers who use the eFaktura API. However, we have experienced minor technical delays on the KAR API, OCR API, AvtaleGiro API and Combo API. Due to the delay, we choose to move the migration of customers who use these APIs over the summer. We will get back to you in mid-August with a new timeline for the migration. We apologize for the delay and look forward to starting the migration after the summer.

To ensure a controlled and secure transition for our customers, we are moving customers in groups. You will receive information about which move group​ your company has been assigned to by e-mail. We ask you kindly to perform this change during the time slot you have been provided.

Mastercard Payment Services facilitates a seamless and easy migration for all our customers and partners. This means that Mastercard Payment Services has performed thorough testing with aid of several pilot customers ahead of the change. A dedicated customer support team is available by e-mail together with a the information provided on this website.

Do you have any questions? 
Contact us at osl.migrering@mastercard.com

​Customer Migration

Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to: osl.migrering@mastercard.com

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