API - in connection with the move, you must make some technical changes

Confirmation of API when using Mastercard's payment services

Mastercard informed in an email of 30. January about a change affecting API services such as e.g., e-Faktura, AvtaleGiro, KAR, OCR and other services operated and developed by Mastercard. 

Mastercard introduces change to existing URL address in Q2 2023 that will affect endpoints, while functionality and applications remain unchanged. 


The date of connection and detailed technical information will be communicated well before the change takes place. All changes must be implemented by the summer of 2023. 

These changes must be implemented to continue using the services. 

Mastercard will facilitate a seamless and easy migration for all our customers and partners. It will include close written dialogue and a dedicated customer support team available by email.

Does Mastercard have the right API information? 

You have received an e-mail on 28 February where we ask you to send us information about which API in use. Answers must be sent by email no later than 15 March 2023 to osl.migrering@mastercard.com

​Customer Migration

Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to: osl.migrering@mastercard.com

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