API - changes needed 

When moving to Mastercard's new Norwegian data center, it is necessary to change the URL. The change affects only the endpoints. Functionality and applications remain unchanged.

Changing the APIs affects services such as eFaktura, AvtaleGiro, KAR, OCR and other services operated by Mastercard​.

In May 2023, eFaktura B2C API URL changes were initiated. This migration is well underway.


Group-wise relocation

To ensure a good and safe implementation for our customers, we have chosen to move customers in groups. All involved parties will receive information about which moving group their company belongs to prior to migration.

The various move groups will also be given a deadline to implement the change.

Services associated with the URLs will from the time of migration become unavailable on the old URL. It is therefore important that the change is implemented within the assigned​ time limit. If the change is not completed within the deadline, the services will be unavailable.

Prior to the move, thorough testing was carried out with pilot customers.

​Customer Migration

Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to: osl.migrering@mastercard.com

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