Elektronisk Avtaleinngåelse (AvtaleGiro e-agreement)

Elektronisk Avtaleinngåelse (AvtaleGiro e-agreement) was one of the products Mastercard bought from Nets in 2021. During the spring of 2024, the service will be moved to Mastercard Payment Services' new Norwegian data center. 

In connection with the move to a new operating environment, it is necessary to make certain changes to the set-up of Elektronisk Avtaleinngåelse (AvtaleGiro e-agreement) 

​It is important that the information on this page reaches the person or people who handle the website and the integration for your business. If you are not the right recipient, we would appreciate if you would make the right person aware of this information.

Update of integration – for users with legacy integration 

Users using the legacy version of the integration myst update before migrating. For security reasons the method of integration was changed from "Get" to “Post" a few years ago. Support for the legacy integration will be phased out in connection with our migration to a new operating environment.  

Note that in connection with the upgrade, some parameter names have been updated: 

GET parameter (to be discontinued)  
POST parameter  
account  companyAccountNo  
name  companyName  
limit  amountLimit  
n  notificationDisabled  
url  returnUrl  

Information on how to integrate according to the new standard based on "post-call" can be found here: https://www.mastercardpaymentservices.com/norway/utvikler/pvugetstarted#step2  

Change of URL  - all users 

Elektronisk Avtaleinngåelse (AvtaleGiro e-agreement) will get a new URL under the avtalegiro.no domain. 

Old URL New URL 
pvu.nets.no/pvu/pvu.no pvu.avtalegiro.no/ecsa/start 



For a certain period, both the existing and new domains/URLs and endpoints will be available to ensure a smooth transition. This arrangement gives your business the flexibility to implement the changes at a time that suits your operational schedule, provided that the changes are made by the final deadline. However, we strongly encourage you to implement the change as soon as possible to prevent customer support becoming overwhelmed during a critical phase. 

Milestone Date 
PVU test environment in avtalegiro.no domain Available for testing 
PVU production environment in avtalegiro.no domain Available from 21st of March 


The final deadline for migration is set for 18th of June 2024. 

After this date, support for "Get calls" will cease, and the old URLs will no longer be active. This means your existing integrations will cease unless the changes described are made by the specified date. 

​Customer Migration

Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to: osl.migrering@mastercard.com
with subject: Question about API -  «customer name» 

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