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Change of endpoints when using Mastercard’s services via eNett 

Mastercard will start the migration of all file-based services over the internet from our old data center at Nets to our new data center in Stavanger starting from October 2nd, 2023. We are therefore contacting our customers and partners using one or more of our services via eNett.

The migration involves a change in the IP address through which the files are exchanged. This change needs to be implemented in order to continue using the payment services. Your user ID will remain the same.

All changes should be completed by the summer of 2024. More information and the opportunity to schedule meetings with us will be sent mid-August.​

Change to API’s using Mastercard's payment services

We are reaching out to our customers and partners using one or more API services, e.g., eFaktura, Avtalegiro, OCR and others developed and maintained by Mastercard. During 2023, Mastercard will initiate the physical move of its IT operations to a new datacenter in Norway with new domains. This will result in changes to which URL a​​ddress you will connect to. The changes will mainly impact endpoints, while valid certificates can still be used. 

Together with you, we are well underway with migrating customers who use the eFaktura API. However, we have experienced minor technical delays on the KAR API, OCR API, AvtaleGiro API and Combo API. Due to the delay, we choose to move the migration of customers who use these APIs over the summer. We will get back to you in mid-August with a new timeline for the migration. We apologize for the delay and look forward to starting the migration after the summer.​​​

Mastercard will facilitate a seamless migration for all our customers and partners. This will include comprehensive written dialogue, a dedicated customer support team available by mail and a web site with useful information.

​Customer Migration

Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to: osl.migrering@mastercard.com

Telephone: +47 24 14 05 47
(open 09:00-16:00 Monday-Friday)​​

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