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Update of security keys (SSH authentication keys) for use of Mastercard services 

Mastercard Payment Services has started moving all applications from our old data center at Nets to our new data center in Stavanger. 
This work has brought on new security requirements, which means that some of the public-private keys currently used on sFTP are shorter than the imposed requirements. 
We are therefore contacting those of our customers who are using one or more of our payment services (e.g. eFaktura, Avtalegiro, OCR) and have an sFTP agreement with us. 
To use these services, you need a Public key and a Private key. This is a key pair that ensures that only the correct user can log in to, retrieve files from, or submit files to your file mailbox. 
If you are currently using a security key that is too short, according to the current requirements, you will from October 1st 2023 be unable to contact your sFTP user, and files to and from Mastercard will neither be accepted nor processed. 
Important! The new security key must be RSA with a length of 2048 bits. 
  • ​You, the customer, must make the new security key pair yourself. 
  • The private key is personal. It is therefore important that this is not shared with others. 
  • The public key is sent and added to the user created on our site. 
  • The username is the same as the name of the mailbox used at Nets. 
We ask for a new security key to be set up by June 30th 2023 and sent to us; 
Use «Update of security keys (SSH authentication keys) – *Company name*» in the subject field when sending the email. 

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