Public / private key

To ensure the highest level of data integrity and confidentiality, Mastercard requires all our customers to use SFTP/SSH with enhanced security requirements. This includes using longer keys to strengthen encryption and ensure the safe transmission of information. Mastercard requests its customers to update their systems according to the new security requirements.

All applications currently hosted by Nets will be transferred to Mastercard's new data center. The work has begun and should be completed during the third quarter of 2024.


New key length

To continue using the services of Mastercard, a public key and a private key are required. This is a key pair that ensures that only the correct user can lock into, retrieve from, or submit files to their file mailbox. 
If you currently use a security key with a shorter length than what is required, you will lose contact with your sFTP user after migration. As a result, files to and from Mastercard will no longer be accepted or processed.  

It is important that you consider the following when handling your security keys:

  • The key pair is made by you as a customer yourself.
  • Private key is personal. It is important that this is not shared with others​​.
  • The public key is sent to us and added to the user created on our si​te.
  • The username is the same as the name of the mailbox used by Nets.

What do you as a customer have to do?

  • Check the length of your own security key.​
  • A new public key must be sent to us on​
  • Please use "SSH authentication keys – *Company name*" in the subject line when sending the email.​​​
​​Customer Migration

Do you have any questions? These can be addressed to:​

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